Friday, October 21, 2011

Very Important Prayer Request...

View of the main road in our neighborhood.
I received this from one of our teammates, Mary Randolph, yesterday:
 Our team is working so hard to provide food for the victims in other areas that they are exhausted.  Today will be the third day they will cook all day and deliver it in the late afternoon.  They will take a break Sat and Sun then assess the need all next week.  Our neighbors are building walls anticipating the waters will hit our side of town next week when the tides rise.  Pray for wisdom that we will know how to prepare for this.  We praise the Lord that this crisis has brought many neighbors who have never stepped foot in our doors to come and help prepare food.  Pray that they will return to learn about the love of God.
Please be in prayer for the nation of Thailand, the Church in Thailand, and our team as the floods continue there.

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